Fredrik Backman
And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer 

An old man with his grandson are sitting on a bench in a place that looks like a little square, but there are odd things scattered around it, thinks you wouldn't normally see in a square. Turns out we are sitting in the Grandpa's head..

"Isn't that the best of all life's ages, an old man thinks as he looks at his grandchild. When a boy is just big enough to know how the world works but still young enough to refuse to accept it."

Even just the first of the author's words are great in contents:

Dear Reader, one of my idols once said, " The worst part about growing old is that I don't get any ideas anymore." Those words have never quite left me since I first heard them, because this would be my greatest fear: imagination giving up before the body does.

My thought - we constantly look for ways how to silence the chatter in our heads.
The tangle of thoughts could be just the word tags for all the things we experience through our bodies. We humans create these tags immediately after entering this world by giving names to everything we see around ourselves or feel. That could explain why dogs (as we suspect) have clear heads. They have no tags for the things they experience, they think in pictures. Is it possible to start thinking in pictures when the whole life we were taught to think in tags?
Either way, let's be glad for the chatter. It gives us connection to our memories and allows us to receive ideas.
One day there might be non..  

...must get..

Nejšťastnější muž na Zemi 

Author: Eddie Jaku  

...I know, do not judge the book by it's cover.
But the cover is great, isn't it  :D

Internal Spring Cleaning


Let me note down a couple of links to websites sharing the Shank Prakshalana cleansing technique which I am about to undertake. 
The first web, although full of adds, gives more detailed description of what the procedure is and what it does to the body. It also has a video showing the Asanas that accompany the cleansing process. The second one is "Britishly" more concise, dry and clear :D .


This is also a link - just to note down the name of it - to the Khichdi recipe, the food to be eaten after the flush out.

Great book by a great author! 

22/02/2023 - interesting date :D

She has the books in English as well. This is a link to her website: