Garlic soup


Super simple and super healthy comfort food. One of the best things to put into your tummy when you feel the flu settling in the back of your neck.
This recipe heals two of us.

1.  Get yourself two medium potatoes.

2.  Peal those and chop into small pieces.

3.  Find yourself the cutest old enamelled pot and through potatoes in.

 4.  Add some cumin, salt (with that one be generous)
and pour in two liters of hot water.

5.  Now boil for about
5 minutes.

6.  Add some frozen peas and boil for another 5 minutes. 

7.  Crack two happy chicken eggs straight into the pot and turn the heat off.

8.  Crash some garlic, the more the better, and through it all in the pot as well.

9.  Prepare your cheese to flavour your soup.

10.  Cut it into tiny pieces and lay it on the bottom of your best soup plate.

11.  Pour your healing potion over the cheese

12.  and eat.  Bon appetit!