Have a heart to heart conversation with your heart !

It's February ....the month of love, where Valentine's day seems to be evoke more feelings of loniless and unworthiness more than any other day of the year. I used to feel like this when single and interestingly, I felt even lonlier and unlovable when in a commited relationship. 

However I don't feel like this anymore... I've stopped outsourcing my happiness and self worth to outside sources. Love , happiness, peace of mind are all an inside job.

 Have you ever given yourself an opportunity to have an  honest conversation with your own heart ? With your own true desires ? Have you ever gone about your day and lived your life from your heart space ? This isn't always easy but it is so worth it and for me a game changer in living and having the life I desire.

See everything we want , whether it be love, items, relationship,car, holidays, freedom, time, ... is desiring a feeling. The feeling of love when someone is appreciative in a relationship. The feeling of worthiness when buying luxury items ( because I'm worth it). The feeling of freedom when on holidays as I have no repsonsibilities and so on. But feelings are fleeting and do not last forever, it may feel like that sometimes when we keep choosing thoughts, situations and  keep feeling the same things day in day out, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

I started a process of checking in with myself daily and sometimes weekly. I started to listen to the small, quiet , non judgemental voice deep within my heart. I gave it a chance to express itself, to feel things I wanted to ignore and hide from. How loved do you feel when someone ignores you, runs away from you and doesn't give you a chance to express yourself, to be seen, heard and loved ? Exactly !!! Many of us have been doing this to ourselves for the majority of our lives. This is what I was doing to myself every day. Was it any wonder I didn't feel good about myself or my life ? 

Gamechanger !!! I started small , but I was consistent. Consistency is key. How do you feel when someone is there for you, day in day out, through the good times and the hard times ? Who  keeps showing up and loving you no matter what. That is the feeling I gave to myself , just by taking a few moments...literally seconds to check in with my body/heart daily sometimes hourly and asked.... What do I need right now ? Or asking how am I feeling right now ? or just by acknowledging what sensations were in my body at that moment. I never judge what comes up for me or what sensations come up... I just say "that's interesting and thanks for letting me know". Our bodies/hearts I believe are our subconcious and  also where our intuition lies. Try it out for yourself and see what magic happens in your own life.

Till next week,

Love and Light 

Kathryn X