Believe in you


Believe in yourself ! 

How many times have I heard that expression ? And it's easy to say but how do I do it ? For me it's a journey, a journey to my inner self... To be honest it isn't for the faint hearted.

 Why not believe in oneself ? There were blocks that came up for me..... I'm not good enough, it won't be perfect, people will laugh at me etc.......but I tried on a new belief set (like changing outfits). 

I didn't even necessarily have to believe the new beliefs I held about myself, I just got curious...... 

I asked myself questions like: How would I show up in my life, if I believed that I was good enough ? 

How would my life be different if I sincerely believed that everything was working out for me ? even though it mightn't seem like that at the time . So I wasn't even believeing the beliefs yet I tried them on and took them about my day with me. 

I felt my energy shift internally... I felt that I was holding my self better, that I stood a little taller and I had more enery, and authority in my life. Interesting !!! I much preferred this energy, and wondered how would my life be different if this was the way I showed up everyday ?

Well I'm happy to report it feels stange at first, but with time I actually felt better and more grounded and stronger within myself.... My day ran smoother,  my interactions were fun and natural. 

Life is life . Things happen.  It is our own perspective and reaction to these things that shape our beliefs or is it the other way around !!! When things go "wrong" or seem like they are falling apart, maybe they are falling into place. It takes a lot of pressure and worrying out of the equation and I can direct my energy to more productive things. 

I believe that I can do it ! I believe that I am a human being who will make mistakes, but also  I believe that  I will learn and grow from them. I believe I can change my beliefs and that they make an impact on my life for the better. What would your life be like if you tried on a set of new beliefs ?

Go You !!! You can do it !!! I believe in you !!!