Cyber zombie

Q:   Ka, do you also have the experience of seeing a child getting completely stripped of energy in just a few minutes of staring into their phone?

I find it very intriguing. It is not obvious at first, but as soon as the seemingly lifeless glowing flat apparatus gets into the close enough distance to the human receiver, it immediately starts it's extraction process. It reminds me of the dementors in Harry Potter. They just float around looking quite harmless, like a bit of dirty smoke. Then within a second the little wizard is falling to the ground, empty body with no soul. Everyone is aware of the danger, but can't escape from them. Dementors are part of their world, the Harry's world. Same as the mobiles are part of our's. The only difference is that in the presence of the dementor the blue light comes out of the victims while in the case of our hi-tech suckers the light flows the other way. ...Or does it? ...possible topic for my next research ;)

Very scary all that, don't you think?..  I see the futuristic remake of Harry Potter - the life-sucking mobiles floating around Hogwarts.

Cyber zombies is what I started calling this phenomenon and is one of the outcomes of the speedy technology evolution, hiding behind the false intention to make our lives easier. Let's offer our kids the "smart" toy for their ungovernable ubiquitous entertainment in an effort to get rid of some of the daily burdens.

...the burdens will soon double in size.